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Resume Blasting for Nurses that
Helps get You Hired

"Target your resume to nursing employers, recruiters
and headhunters that are hiring in your area right now!"

We will not only target your resume to nursing employers, recruiters and headhunters for your specialty — registered nurse, LPN, travel nursing, licensed, aide, operating rooms, labor & delivery, emergency rooms & ICU, high-risk pediatric units, etc.. — but also to the cities and states you want, whether you want to stay local or relocate.

With 523,620 recruiters, headhunters and direct employers, we offer one of the most comprehensive and targeted hiring network on the net. We are so sure you will be happy that we guarantee our service with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Includes Employers
Other services just distribute to headhunters.
Targeting by City and State
Recruiters are based on the regions you select.
100% Money Back Guarantee!
The ONLY resume Blasting service with a
money back guarantee!*

With over 5,832 satisfied resume customers,
you know it works!
Order Now and get $20 off
Instant Resume Distribution for only $69.95$49.95
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Success Stories
*If you don't receive response from this service within 60 days we'll re-blast it again for free. If after 60 more days you still haven't received a response - we'll refund 100% of your money! *While our total list of recruiters & employers is approximately 10,000 your resume will be targeted only to recruiters for your geopgraphic area & specialty.


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